Conference 2011

The next bi-annual CAAR conference, titled "Black States of Desire: Dispossession, Circulation, Transformation", will take place in Paris in 2011, april 6-9.

"Placing the emphasis on the conditions of social transformation in the black world, it will articulate two main axes of analysis and reflection: the intersection of a socioeconomic approach with a multicultural and identity-focused perspective; the relation between theorizing processes and material transformation, between intellectual activity and political action, and between different communities with specific agendas." 

Please click here to download the CFP (.pdf)

Abstract submission and conference registration will start online on July 5. The Conference website was launched on June 29.

Please note: considering the fact that the number of registered speakers and participants to the conference is limited, members and interested non-members are advised to get registered and submit their proposals as early as possible.