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Pulawy Conference and Training Centre

How to get to Pulawy:

Pulawy is approximately 1.45 hrs on train from Warsaw, so the best way to get there is fly into Warsaw and take a train from Warsaw Central or a Polish Express Bus straight from the airport.  It gets you to Pulawy in 2.5 hrs, the cost of the train/bus ticket is about $15 one way.  The buses run every two hours, starting at 7 a.m., then at 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19.  You can also get to Pulawy by train from other major Polish airports, including Katowice, Krakow or Poznan although the train ride would be longer then.

Costs of food and accommodation:

Since the US embassy in Poland and CAAR are covering most of the organization costs, there is no conference fee and all you have to pay is your air/train/bus fare (and there are cheap airlines flying to Poland from most European countries), Accommodation and board (a night in a double room is about $25, breakfast including + approximately $15 for lunch and dinner; it’s a three day seminar so the total cost, excluding airfare, should be approximately $120).


3 nights/full board(including wine dinner)/single room = 460 PLN ($133)
3 nights/full board(including wine dinner)/double room = 340 PLN ($140)