dear all,

july finds african-american studies people and other anti-racists, i take it, rejoicing in a soccer championship that proceeded to give the lie to all the anxiety of racist pre- and during commentary of the games.

even if one is not a genuine soccer fan, one will have to say that to have watched the games taking place on the African continent in such spirited fashion, is a useful and overdue lesson for many people… even though the internal costs were high, the fifa should not have run away with so much money made off of soccer in za, and the challenges for za are in many ways  compounded now…

as for our own ‘events’: we joyfully can now accept abstracts for papers and workshops coming in from all of you prospective partcipants of the april 2011 conference in paris. preparations are well under way, and we are looking forward to another productive, challenging and ‘content rich’ gathering of colleagues, ideas and research work done and intended.

looking forward to the sifting through…

best and very sunny and hot greetings from bremen