Advocates for Social Change – Now and Back Then

CAAR honors the advocates for social change back then…and the new ones inspired by them.

  • "Freedom Riders mark 50 years", click here.
  • Dagmar Schultz receives Prize for Gender Engagement, click here.
  • Year of the boomerang? Frantz Fanon and the Arab uprisings, click here.
  • The Malcolm X Project, click here.

Projects, Publications, Events

  • University of Connecticut, Job opening: Associate/Full Professor and Director of the Institute for African American Studies. Click here.
  • German Historical Institut: Doctoral Fellowship in the History of African Americans. Click here.
  • CfP: Black Church Activism and Contested Multiculturalism in Europe, North America and South Africa. Click here.
  • New Publication: The Works of Alain Locke. Click here.
  • AFRODESC: Afrodescendants et esclavages. Click here.
  • USI: Understanding Slavery Initiative. Click here.
  • EURESCL:Slave Trade and Slavery in the Construction of the European Identity. Clicke here.
  • Fellowship: Increasing African American Diversity in Archives. Clicke here.
  • CfP: National Black Studies Conference 2012. Click here.
  • The African American Arts Project. Click here.
  • CFP: Language Value in Minority Literatures. Click here.
  • Conferences: Diasporas, Cultures of Mobilities, “Race”. Click here.
  • The Cambridge History of African American Literature. Click here.