Current President

Professor Sabine Broeck’s (University of Bremen, Germany) research ranges from Gender, Race and the Constitution of Transatlantic Modernity to The Black Diaspora in Transatlantic Contexts; from the African-American Civil Rights Movement in/and Europe to Subversive Americanization and De-Colonial Humanities.

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Former Presidents

Prof. Dr. Maria Diedrich

Founding president of CAAR, Professor Diedrich’s research and publication focus lies on African American Studies, the African Diaspora and the Black Atlantic, and here especially on the interactions between African America and Germany.

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Prof. Dr. Carl Pedersen (University of Southern Denmark)

Carl Pedersen’s research ranges widely, from African-American studies to US politics and society and Caribbean history. He has recently completed a study of US foreign policy and the Iraq war.

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Prof. Dr. Christopher Mulvey

Christopher Mulvey is Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Winchester. His articles are numerous, and his books include Anglo-American Landscapes (1983), Transatlantic Manners (1990), New York: City as Text (1990), Black Liberation in the Americas (2001), Dominic St John Mulvey: London Irishman (2005), and William Wells Brown’s Clotel (2006)