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Collegium for African American Research (CAAR)



            Forum for European Contributions in African American Studies
            published by LIT VERLAD Münster-Hamburg-London
     Publisher available at: http://www.lit-verlag.de/reihe/foreca
            Maria I. Diedrich, Carl Pedersen, and Justine Tally (eds.).
            Mapping African America: History, Narrative Formation and the
            Production of Knowledge.
            (Vol. 1, 1999)
            Stefanie Sievers.
            Liberating Narratives: The Authorization of Black Female Voices
            in African American Women Writers’ Novels of Slavery.
            (Vol. 2, 1999)
            Justine Tally.
            Paradise Reconsidered: Toni Morrison’s (Hi)stories and Truths.
            (Vol. 3, 1999)
            Dorothea Fischer-Hornung and Alison D. Goeller (eds.).
            EmBODYing Liberation: The Black Body in American Dance.
            (Vol. 4, 2001)
            Patrick B. Miller, Therese Frey Steffen, Elisabeth Schäfer-Wünsche
            (eds.). The Civil Rights Movement Revisited: Critical Perspectives  
            on the Struggle for Racial Equality in the United States.
            (Vol. 5, 2001)
            Fritz Gysin and Christopher Mulvey (eds.).
            Black Liberation in the Americas.
            (Vol. 6, 2001)
            Justine Tally.
            The Story of Jazz: Toni Morrison’s Dialogic Imagination.
            (Vol. 7, 2001).
            Mar Gallego.
            Passing Novels in the Harlem Renaissance: Identity Politics and Textual Strategies.
            (Vol. 8, 2003)
            Paola Boi and Sabine Broeck (eds.).
            CrossRoutes: The Meanings of “Race” for the 21st Century.
            (Vol. 9, 2003)
            Sylvia Mayer (ed.).
            Restoring the Connection to the Natural World: Essays on the
            African American Environmental Imagination
            (Vol. 10, 2003)
            Kimberley L. Phillips, Hermine D. Pinson, Lorenzo Thomas, Hanna Wallinger (eds.). 
            Critical Voicing of Black Liberation: Resistance
            and Representations in the Americas
            (Vol. 11, 2003)
            Ana María Manzanas, Jesús Benito.
            Intercultural Mediations: Hybridity and Mimesis in American Literatures. (Vol. 12,
            Maria I. Diedrich, Joanne M. Braxton (eds.).
            Monuments of the Black Atlantic.
            (Vol. 13, forthcoming)
            Maria I. Diedrich, Theron D. Cook, Flip Lindo (eds.).
            Crossing Boundaries: African American Inner City and European
            Migrant Youth.
            (Vol. 14, 2003)