Your Membership

7 April, 2016

mandala azul

CAAR has an online encrypted credit card payment system that enables you to pay your fees for membership, conference registration, and events.

To pay your CAAR membership (2015/2016) fees using your credit card click CAAR’s credit card payment link.

CAAR members sign up for a 2-year membership, which entitles them to receive the volume of FORECAAST Series (Forum for European Contributions in African American Studies) published by Liverpool University Press  as well as to participate in and present papers at the biennial conference.

CAAR prefers online payments using a Visa or Master Card. However, if you are not able to or prefer not to pay online, you can make a bank transfer. To make a bank transfer, please download and fill out a membership form (right click and choose ‘save target as’).

acroread membership form 2016/17          pp258credit card payment link. 
(Download as PDF file)