About Us

CAAR is a financially independent, international, professional organization of African-American Studies and Black Diaspora scholars from over 25 countries. Click here to find out more about the organisation.

We thank the following artists and friends for their pictures which were used for the website:

  • Patricia Schultz, Jessica Yeboah, and Adrian Norris for their pictures of the CAAR Conferences
  • Carsten Junker for his picture of Professor Sabine Broeck

We also thank the following artists and agencies for their pictures which were used for the collage: 

  • Angela Radulesco for the picture of Toni Morrison
  • Hans Reitzema for the picture of Spike Lee
  • Egon Steiner/RoyFocker for their picture of Leopold Senghor
  • Pete Souza for the picture of Barack Obama
  • MDCharchives for the picture of Sonia Sanchez
  • Joshua Massel/Quadzilla99 for the picture of Michael Jordan
  • Fotolia for the (purchased rights) of the pictures of people which are only known by their fotolia-numbers: 215810,12680997 5906954, 466302, 381019, 6699219