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Collegium for African American Research

Tours France, 2005
The Black World: INNERSpace:INNERCity:InterAction:InterNation

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Conference Information

The venue for CAAR’s 2005 conference will be the campus building on the Loire River, southwest of Paris, about one hour from the Montparnasse railway station by high speed train.  The conference will be hosted in the Tanneurs Campus, built on the left bank of the river between the Wilson and Napoléon bridges.  This is in the downtown section with any number of hotels, eating places and restaurants within walking distance.  The campus itself is about 15 minutes’ walk from the SNCF rail station. 

As a historic city, Tours is a major tourist resort.  Participants are advised to book their hotel rooms at least a month or so ahead.  Information on the town is available at : http://www.tours.fr/.  On the homepage, clicking on the “Ligéris” button will lead to the Tourist Office site that will guide you in several languages.  The home page can also lead you to a town map by clicking on “Plan de la Ville”.  Typing your hotel address will point out the exact spot on the map.  Other city maps are accessible at: http://www.sosdriver.fr/pratique/flash/plan_int_tours.htm/, which provides a broad idea of the city’s layout or http://www.plandetours.com/, which provides a user friendly street index.  There also exists an unofficial commerce- oriented site at http://www.ville-tours.com/. For any questions or problems, the conference e-mail address is:  caar2005@univ-tours.fr


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