Book of Abstracts and Sessions Planning

The book of abstracts, with newly created panels and submitted panels, presenters’ names and affiliations, is now available at:

Book of Abstracts online

It will give you an overview of the wide scope of our conference and of its strong coherence: 236 selected proposals organized in 57 panels (including 8 2-part panels), mostly with 4 or 3 presenters each.

Futher information

Introductions will need to be short and presentations should not exceed 20mns each in order to leave enough time for the general discussion.
Time slots and rooms will be allotted soon and posted on the conference website at the end of January/ 1st week of February with the conference final programme (including the social and cultural events).

To presenters of submitted panels:

Participants to submitted panels are invited to designate their chairs among their fellow presenters. Each submitted panel (identified with the letter P and a three-figure number) should send the name and the affiliation of its chair as soon as possible. [Chairs of newly created panels are already designated.]

To all presenters:

Whenever your presentation requires specific audiovisual material, please let us know as soon as possible. This very important information will impact rooms allotment.